We are all unique, which is why each property is different.

Without a doubt our homes and the properties in which we become involved reflect ourselves. Accordingly, an individual focus, consideration, thought-through presentation and energy are essential if the highest and best is to be achieved in the selling process.

The exciting aspect about this profession is that results are readily quantifiable.

Making decisions regarding when to sell, what method of sale to use, whom to entrust with the management of the process, and how to know when the best result has been achieved can all be made easier by looking at traditional selling periods, proven successful methods of sale and past results.

The result has a number of aspects. The numerical figure achieved is of course of primary importance, but equally is the feeling that everything that could be done was done to achieve the very best, together with the opportunity cost of using funds elsewhere.

Over the past 40 years, growing up surrounded by the real estate industry and in my career as an agent, not a lot has changed about the selling process.

Which isn’t to say that there haven’t been any transformations – without a doubt the methods of communicating information have changed dramatically in form and efficiency, especially with web presence and print media presentations. These media assist not only in identifying potential purchasers who are presently active, but also in creating potential buyers from those previously not considering purchase.

But the intrinsic principles of successful selling have remained the same.

This process of turning a non-buyer into a buyer has to be managed well, but often it is marketing that creates this opportunity for a skilled negotiator. From that point, the ability and focus of the negotiator throughout the process is the major difference between the results of similar offerings.

When it comes to people and property not every aspect of such a dynamic process can be micro-managed. The objective is to ensure that every aspect that can be managed is done with maximum efficiency to enable every possibility of a premium sale.

In an active market, some may believe that properties sell themselves, however the strategies for ensuring the best possible opportunities at the absolute best in an active market are equally important as in a challenging market.

In a challenging market, the role of and the selection of the appropriate sales person to represent the property is of prime importance. Personally, I enter every sales process with the attitude that the property will be sold for a premium price.